hi im sage and this is my dangan ronpa blog

Anonymous: help I've been searching everywhere for Leon/Naegi fic and I can't find anything 


have no fear, scott leonnaegi is here

dangan prompa (on hiatus)

naegi and leon make it to third base (warnings for guro, death, nsfw and MAJOR dr spoilers)

this post (not fic but deserves honourable mention (nsfw))

this post too (sorta fic but not really (nsfw))

pierce me with your love (the title is something but this fic is cute)

important things

nosebleed 1 and nosebleed 2 (warnings for blood, licking up blood, yep its That kind of fic)

mastermind leon fic (not very shippy but still good)

count your lucky stars 

spin the bottle fic

aaaaaaaaaaand that’s about all i can find

(bonus amv)